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  • Parsha:


  • Mincha Friday:

    7:00, 8:20 PM

  • Candle Lighting:

    8:01 pm

  • Shacharit:

    9:00 AM

  • Mincha:

    8:00 pm

  • Havdalah:

    9:02 pm

  • Weekday Times
  • Shacharit Sun:

    7, 7:30, 8 & 9 am

  • Shacharit M/Th:

    6:35& 7:25 am

  • Shacharit T/W/F:

    6:50 & 7:30 am

  • Mincha:

    8:20 pm

  • Sunday Mincha:


  • Late Maariv S/Th:

    10 pm

  • Late Maariv M/T/W:

    9:45 pm

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Weekly Torah Portion

Parsha Balak

 One of the praises of the jewish people by Bilaam was that as a people "Hashem its G-d is with it". The Baal Shem Tov commented on this idea, that a Jew is never alone. Wherever a Jew travels and wherever a Jew stands, both physically as well as figuratively, Hashem is with us. This was a very difficult and tragic week for our individual community as well as for Am Yisrael as a nation.  In a world where answers and reasons are always expected, we respond with silence and humility. It is Hashem's world. It is not for ask to ask for reasons but to offer what we may learn from the experience.  We must cherish the gift of life that we have been given and treat each day with the value it deserves.  We must appreciate our relationships and not let small issues ruin our connections. We must remember the power of a united community when it comes to life's most challenging moments.  Most of all we must remember that when we cry, Hashem cries with us - we are never alone!